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10 Easy Gluten-free substitutions for Wheat Flour

Eating must be an enjoyable pastime for some people, but many consumptions are a passion—some people like cooking as well as eating. If you love to cook healthy meals, then there are too many options that you can select. If you feel that wheat has a lot of gluten and you are looking for gluten-free baking, then you should be using the flours other than wheat flour. Here are the ten best options for you for gluten-free baking.

What are the best gluten-free flours for baking?

1. Coconut flour

The reason why coconut flour is one of the best meals for baking and an excellent alternative to wheat flour because:

• It is gluten-free

• It is rich in fibre

• It has a sweet flavour naturally

• It makes your cake fluffy

2. Almond flour

This flour is tasty, and it is nutritious. Looking forward to replacing wheat flour with this one? Yes, look at the benefits:

• Almond flour is gluten-free

• It is nutritious

• It is delicious and it adds punch to your dish

3. Cashew flour

This flour is rich in protein and is very tasty. Look at the other benefits of cashew flour:

• Good health benefits

• Easy to digest

• High in protein

• Adds moisture to your food

4. Teff flour

Teff flour is tasty and healthy, and apart from that, the other features include:

• This flour is high in protein

• This flour is natural to digest

• The powder can be used in a variety of recipes

5. Arrowroot flour

There are very few recipes where we use arrowroot flour. But it is tasty, and if you start using the same, you will love it.

• Arrowroot flour is low in calories

• It is gluten-free

• It helps in boosting the immune system

• It also promotes weight loss

6. Brown rice flour

For baking and for other recipes you can replace wheat flour with brown rice flour. The reasons are:

• Brown rice flour is healthy

• They are rich in fibre and protein

• Good for baking cakes and cookies

• Easy to store

7. Oat flour

If you want to replace gluten-rich wheat flour with things like oat flour, then you can go ahead with that. The reasons being:

• Oat flour helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body

• It is high in fibre

• It is easy to digest and best in taste

8. Corn flour

Corn flour is generally used for thickening the products. But it is nutritious too. Using it instead of wheat flour can be a good idea to remove gluten from your diet.

• Corn flour is highly nutritious and helps in easy digestion

• Cornflour helps in making tasty recipes

• Good for health and gluten-free

9. Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is quite nutritious, and it is high in protein, and of course, it is an excellent alternative to wheat flour.

• It is high in minerals

• It is useful in cooking and baking delicious recipes

• Gluten-free if consciously used

10. Tapioca flour

Tapioca flour is a good option for wheat flour because:

• It is healthy and gluten-free

• It is a natural thickening agent

• Best in taste and health

If you can try these things, then you can remove gluten from your diet.…