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Actual Cool Things to Do In New York City

New York City, one of the most modern and the busiest places in the world, with lots of attraction and tourist spots and things that you should go and try, New York City has a lot of history and a lot of tradition behind it and it offers many things related to their history, but when you are in New York City you just don’t want to get lost in the tourist spots and be happy and if you looking for some cool stuff other than going to tourist spots, check this blog as we will tell you some things to do while you are in New York City.

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Central Park Benches

Yes, if you going to Central Park just to see the buildings covered with the nature and things like theater playing ball with friend and trying to have enjoy the picnics, that’s fine you do that but there is something super cool that you are missing when you are in Central park try sitting on the bench and reading the quote in them, yep in every bench you will find a quote to which you may be related to and will let you think about your life story while you sit on the bench.

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Staten Island Ferry

What’s the best way to enjoy the view other than being in the sea? Here in Manhattan you will find the Staten Island Ferry which is a huge Transportation ship, yes, the same one that you saw on the Spiderman Homecoming Movie, it’s the best way to go and see all the lower Manhattan building with a great view and not to forget the Statue of Liberty that is one of the most important attraction it’s not every day when you go to sea to see a lady holding a torch right? And Staten Island ferry let you have all that with cheap cost of 0 dollars so not to worry about your pockets now and enjoy this Ferry ride.

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Old City Hall Subway Station

While Other Places you can easily go and check this one might be a hard but have to talk about it, it only gives access to the people who have the membership of New York Transit Museum with official tour guides so I will let you explore that on your own with the guides and move to our next spot.

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Grand Central Terminal Station Whispering Gallery

While Grand Central Station known for Its great architecture and massive space and not to forgot it’s iconic four-faced brass clock, and many people just try taking some photos and move on without looking for this gem, near oyster bar there’s this arch that has something special about it, if you whisper something by standing in the corner the person standing in the opposite side of the corner can hear you clearly, amazing right? Amazing opportunity to tell someone I Love You or Will You Marry me?

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The Morgan Library And Museum

if you like to read and learn about culture this will be a amazing place to go and visit, while being the main library In New York City this library have something to let you remind of your childhood, with the Library you can resemble the scene from the Disney movie Beauty and the beast (1991) and live your childhood again, while another reason is that its free for few hours on Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Greenacre Park

Now that you have visited almost every crowded and urban places you might need the peace to sit around and relax a bit then you have to visit the Greenacre Park, it’s a privately owned park with a waterfall and café type seating and opened for public it gets an average of 700 visitors every day and you will find your peace in this park so do go there read have a coffee and enjoy the day. The best part about this place is that they serve you dishes which are cooked using the top-rated sous vide machines.

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The Back Room

In New York you get many bars that you might want to visit but there’s no guarantee on which will be the top because the bars are always changing the rank but if you need that fun night in New York and get that New York Culture you should check out the back room it’s been here since the time of probation.…