What is Scuba Mask?

What is Scuba Mask?

When choosing a scuba mask, the most effective comfort matters extra than visibility. Multi-lens covers have two separate lenses divided through a nose bridge. They are easier to clean and can be geared up with corrective lenses but have a narrower field of view. Therefore, single lenses generally tend to offer higher visibility.

The 5 Best Scuba Diving Masks For 2020

Cressi Adult high-end Scuba Diving mask

The Crystal mask is one of the high-end adult masks in the market suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling. Features inclined and inverted tear-drop lenses to improve downward visibility. The lenses are made of tempered glass. The easy-to-use Integrated Buckles are integrated with the frame with a swivel system for quickly strap length adjustment and Made in Crystal Silicone, a Cressi’s trademark formula to avoid yellowing after years. The mask is designed and made in Italy by Cressi, brand pioneer in Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming equipment since 1946.

  • Black/blue colour Price is $79.95
  • Black/Yellow colour Price is $79.95
  • Black/transparent colour Price is $39.00
  • White/Blue colour Price is $64.95
  • White/Pink colour Price is $64.95
  • The ultimate in comfort and performance
  • Easy Adjustable Buckle System
  • Exceptional Softness and comfort
  • Low internal volume

SCUBAPRO Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

It was a bright and open-view single lens mask. Dual coloured frameless single-lens layout for the considerably increased subject of imaginative and prescient Crystal transparent double-sealed silicone skirt for superior health and comfort. Non-slip strap with secure adjustable buckle. Tempered glass lens.Low volume design.

The Solo is cutting-edge single-lens masks that offer a scenic, low-quantity area of view in the streamlined design. The crystal-clear was so much comfortable, watertight seal. Buckles with flexible mounts on the skirt permit you to easily path the non-slip strap to achieve the perfect fit. This mask is a favourite among divers.

  • Black/White colour Price $110
  • Blue/clear colour Price $110
  • Yellow/clear colour Price $96

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

The new Venom Frameless offers divers a unique level of comfort, high-quality optics, and style. This new mask complements the famous Atomic Aquatics Venom mask and incorporates the signature ‘rogue’ style on the SV Series Snorkel and the Bladefin Fin. Venom Frameless expands the prevailing Atomic Aquatics mask line to include Venom, Frameless a pair of, and SubFrame models, giving diverse a lot of choices to suit completely different face shapes and sizes. This mask is available in red/black and grey/black colours.

  • Ultra-wide Panoramic-view.
  • Integrated Easy-Adjust Swivel Buckles.
  • Single-lens design
  • Reinforcing internal support formed below the silicone rubber skirt.

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

Mask wear that keeps you focused. The sleek 100% liquid silicone skirt is attached directly to the tempered glass lens. The no mask frame means that the Shadow Series provides an incredible area of ​​vision and packs flat. Available in 2 colors and two sizes for a perfect fit.

  • Typical Type Frameless Material Liquid-Silicon Color Black Blow-off Valve No Optical Lens No Diopre No Frame Color Black, Ice.
  • Low volume design mask with moulded silicone colour accents

Atomic Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba Mask

The Atomic Aquatics Subframe Mask is so durable; it gives a lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame fitting under the surface of the silicone rubber skirt. This subframe provides incredible strength and rigidity, as well as eliminating the heavy outer plastic shell in other masks. A stainless steel retainer locks the lens in place and provides additional power to the nose bridge area of ​​the cover. A full field of view and excellent fit function.

  • Atomic Aquatics Sub-Frame Anti-Reflective Coating Mask:
  • Sub-Frame Two-Windowed Mask
  • Low Volume Design
  • Wide Field of Vision

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