The Softest Merino T-Shirt: Outlier Ultrafine

The Softest Merino T-Shirt: Outlier Ultrafine

Ultrafine T-Shirt Merino

Mackenzie 17.5 micron Merino Jersey, nature’s a perfect t-shirt and most beautiful performance fabric. The t-shirt looks classic and beautifully soft and remarkably dry to the touch. Properties of Mackenzie’s merino t-shirt help cool you in the warm and insulate you in the cool.

And also Provide in Many Colors and Sizes. Merino, Jersey is using the most beautiful performance fabric. Merino jersey Stems from the name Mackenzie Basin on New Zealand’s, and he is from New Zealand’s South Island, where is the source of bulk but not all. We all Know its all non-mulesed farm which is traceable and certified by AsureQuality.

The merino is a tight spectrum with low variance and blends fiber capped from the top. But Generally, merino has numbers they are generated by averaging various micron fibers, and they are a mix. The 17.5-micron fabric has larger fibers in the mix.

As we have already read, the Mackenzie blend is a tight spectrum and low variance if we went to create a more precise yarn. And even if you have read it already that the Mackenzie is 17.5 is top capped at 17.5. but 17.5 is the actual average a number below than 17.5 it is the yarns and fabric which is softer and smoother fabric.

Merino can suck the moisture into the fiber; it is an incredible ability. And When you are exercising or playing sports games, then it will give you cooling you with a healthy environment and the shirt will allow the fabric to keep breathing if it gets wet. The material will insulate you as the temperature cools, it is comfortable in a full range of temperatures than anything else we know.

This T-shirt will take color incredibly, natural UV resistance when it hardly fades at all. One Secret of this Company is that they have four years old, well worn, black merino tees and that are still darker and richer in color than brand new cotton ones. As we know, the former is gold. Here we will give you a warning and warn premium low micron merino is addictive. When you taste the merino quality, it’s hard to quit. Yes, it is naturally natural bacteriostatic properties that make it highly odor resistant.

It is the perfect core fabric and good stuff, even subtle yet powerful reformulation of one merino jersey that we make near-classic t-shirts. The brand Mackenzie has created a more beautiful and more precisely calibrated merino with unsurpassed quality.

Top Capped and Tight Spectrum

The smaller fiber and the hand feel higher in price. But still, the average, a mixture of different micron fibers that are always out of average to the reported value, Ratings are thicker, but half of the fibers are thicker then ratings. It is a predictable fabric with an exceptional hand feel. So the number maximum that is included that can be included in the blend—a more stable structure.

AsureQuality Traceable

If you are thinking about how much merino you provide in a T-shirt, the answer is that all the merinos are used in these t-shirts audited and certified by AsureQuality to ensure a pristine supply chain. Even the fibers can be traced back to the farm if it is not in good condition and the Majority is currently in the Mackenzie Basin of New Zealand.

The Global Merino is in direct contact with growers because if they grow nicely then you will be happy and non-mulesed fleece wool is used to create a yarn that’s better for global from sheep to the from spinner to knitter they all are from us to you.

195 gsm 100% Pure Merino

The best possible t-shirt. Precisely calibrated 2-ply, 17.5-micron yarns are incredibly soft, but at 195 grams per square meter, the fabric is durable enough to wear every day.

You can wear this t-shirt in any season it is wearable in the broadest range of average temperatures even this fabric is a substantive mid-weight for a t-shirt. We are willing to use a 100% pure merino knit, But it is also the lightest weight. So it needs weight and structure to drape correctly.

Performance Fabric

Merino t-shirts have an incredible dry hand feel because its surface repels water while it simultaneously pulls moisture into its core, creating a dry body climate. Even you should know that we are giving “nature’s finest performance fabric” so for long other brands have started copying us verbatim. Yes, it’s all good, though why?

Because it’s not a tagline, it is a statement of fact, especially the same people talking about the superfine and super washed type of merino we like to use. You have read it already, but I am writing again it’s surface repels water while it simultaneously pulls moisture into its core, creating a dry body climate. It’s UV resistant, normally springy, and phase changes at just above body temperature for more cooling results. But finally, the real way to know the excellence of fine merino is to wear it.


  • XS = S, M, L, XL ,XXL
  • Black = XS, XXL
  • Deep Gray = S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Gray Light = S, M
  • Plummy = M, L
  • Pop Green = S
  • Price is just $120


  • Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt
  • Made in the USA and Thai fabric
  • best results hand wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Non-mulesed, farm traceable and certified by AsureQuality

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