6 Very Best Things To Do In Gyms

6 Very Best Things To Do In Gyms

Why do we go to the gym, exactly? For some, it’s all about acquiring photogenic abs that they see on the body of some super ripped model. Some people just want to stay healthy, so the gym becomes part of their workout regime. Most go with a positive intent of becoming fitter, stronger, and the effort they put to keep themselves out of unhealthy activities is obvious. But after joining the gym, seeing all the workout equipment, one becomes a bit overzealous and starts doing the gym routines in ways that may not be suited to their body.

One shouldn’t take the activity of participating in gym routines too casually. Nobody is saying to not enjoy yourself, just keep in mind some things while you are at the gym. Little discipline, combined with clarity of mind, goes a long way. These are the 6 Very Best Things to Do In Gyms.

Take Advice From the Experts

Without trepidations, take the advice and help of the experts who work at the gym. Some of you have a sort of overtly polite relationship with your gym trainer, in which you casually ignore any changes suggested by them–be it in diet or workout method–as if they don’t matter and pretend that everything you are currently doing is right. Don’t do this. You entered the gym by paying a subscription fee, which includes the services of trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians. Take into account what they have to say. Don’t ignore their advice. Be it about weight loss or a new diet plan. Listening to trained experts can progress your intended results very quickly. Avoiding their advice will keep you from reaching your goal and in turn, harm your body.

Do Cool-Down Exercises

After completing your workout, be it dumbbell exercises or a treadmill routine, don’t just rush out of the gym going about your business. Without doing Cool-down exercises, your hard work is almost rendered pointless. There are several benefits of doing Cool-down exercises:

  1. Cool down exercises help your body to transition from the position of heavy workout to state of rest.
  2. It will help you to reduce strain on your heart muscles, prevent dizziness caused due to blood pooling in lower extremities after a heavy workout.
  3. It prepares your muscles for the subsequent exercise sessions.
  4. Removes waste products– like lactic acid–that are by-products of heavy workouts.

Some effective Cool-down exercises include Jumping jacks, walking, and swimming.

Put Your Phones Away During Workout

I know it’s important to stay connected, it’s cool to have a social media presence, but put your phones away while working out. Activities like texting or checking your social media feed are harmless activities in and of itself, but doing them during exercises will affect your workout intensity. Studies show that doing activities like texting during workouts impact your balance & stability by 46% compared to when you are not using the phone. Distractions like these could lead you into accidents as well, like tripping over a treadmill.

For those who can’t put phones away, you could use them while in the gym for one productive thing: Listening to music. It’s pretty much proven that music can help you keep a steady pace in the gym while also being a motivation inducer in you. So, make a good playlist and enjoy your time at the gym!

Do strength training

There is this misconception about strength training that it’s a type of training that will make you gain weight. The truth is pretty farther from that as it is one of the best weight loss workout methods.

Strength training means creating work load for your muscles using resistance. From bodyweight workouts to equipment heavy workouts, strength training methods are abundant. At first, you have to keep it simple by focusing on bodyweight workouts, and after you get the hang of it, slowly transition into equipment – filled workouts.

Use Foam Roller

For many of you, doing foam rolling seems like a redundant thing to do. Especially among countless other activities and equipment in the gym. Foam rolling was once this rare practice only carried upon by professional athletes, coaches but is now done by most of the people who workout. Here are some advantages of using Foam roller:

Ease muscle pain: Foam rolling helps in easing sore muscles and reducing inflammation.

Increased Blood Flow: The blood flow of your body is significantly improved if you practice Foam rolling.

Decreased Recovery Time: After a heavy workout, muscles and joints become sore. This is mainly due to the build-up of waste products such as lactic acid. Foam rolling helps remove the acid by recruiting fresh blood to the fatigued muscles.

Varying Your Workout

Being resolute about achieving a specific goal is good. Well, maybe not all the time. In the gym, switching workout is as important as focused intensity on a particular exercise. Every workout method has a saturation point beyond which it’s not worth pursuing. It becomes ineffective and will not be as productive as it was earlier. Your body gets numb to it, and your mind is just going through the motions. So, to keep your body structure balanced, and to add some excitement to your routine, it’s a good choice to vary your workout methods. The things you could try include Constant Intensity, Varied Exercise (CIVE), Varied Intensity, Constant Exercise (VICE), Varied Intensity, Varied Exercise (VIVE).


There can be a little scepticism in some of you when undertaking various routines of the gym, especially if you are a newbie. But you should stop seeing them as something challenging and accept it as a part of your regime. These things just require some slight compromise from you part, and they are not even that difficult. So, follow these steps and have a great time at the gym!…