8 TV Wall Design Ideas For Your Living Room

8 TV Wall Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Designing rooms in your home— new or old— is a matter of slight headache. No matter what you do, it never seems to come together with the image you have in your head. Having an aesthetically pleasing wall design is a thing that is desired by most. After all, it can help you set apart from others and add a creative flavour to your house. The design of your living room walls must be stylish, as living rooms tend to present an impression of you to others. Choose any style, be it vivacious, soft, warm; it must be ensured that your living room doesn’t gives-off a wrong impression of your personality. So, here are 8 TV wall design ideas for your living room.

Chinese Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

With its eye-catching pattern and beautiful theme, this Asian-flavored design is a favorite of many for decorating the living room. It enchants and enhances your living room. Yes, with this design, your living room’s TV wall and the furnishing feel majestic. It gives a refreshing, crisp, pallet to your tv wall, rendering an overall liveliness to your living room.

White Wall Motif

Very easy and pleasant on the eyes, the white wall texture gives you a lot of opportunities to experiment with innovative designs. Using colorful decorations and furniture models can create an aesthetically beautiful contrasting effect with the wall. The adaptability of this motif is also great, capable of making your wall design look modern as well as retro.

Yellow Motif Living Room

Yellow is a lively color, making it a perfect candidate if you want your tv wall designs to be eye-popping. The wallpaper made out of it poses a sense of warmth and youth. If you contrast it by placing finely curated brown furniture around, you will get a beautifully endearing living room.

Brick Wallpaper For TV Wall

Brick wallpapers are an incredibly alluring feature that you can use to decorate your wall. The variety of stunning looks, textures, and colors that it can provide is incredible. It has a relatively easy installation process, which is one of the reasons it’s becoming more popular in households. Without messing with the structures of your wall, you can still create innovative and beautiful wall designs and avoid the additional cost of renovations.

Decorative Wood Wall Design

A wooden accent wall adds a rich texture to your wall. Compared to painted walls, this has an ability to stand out among countless wall designs. It can be easily constructed and possess a fluid style transformation. As a TV wall design, this is quite great, creating a comfortable, inviting feel that everyone can appreciate.

Green Color Wall Design

Green color creates this illusion of being in-touch with nature more than any other color. If you are in a stressful mood, being in a green palleted room will help you a lot to reduce it. This positive effect of green color will be further highlighted if the surrounding accessories like furniture complement it positively. It’s classy without feeling outdated and also modern without feeling too overwhelming.

Gray & White Wall Designs

The combination of Grey and white designs are mostly used as background or complementary designs because of their neutral quality. But sometimes the muted pallet they render can be an inspired choice for your wall design. They have a serene feeling about them which appeals to many when it comes to choice for a living room/TV wall design. Another benefit of having this is its adaptability as it can provide the perfect backdrop if you want more colorful wallpaper art or design.

Tiles on Wall

Talk about range. With tiles, you can create a vast array of moods ranging from Vibrant to Melancholic to Vivacious. It’s all about picking out the set of wall tiles that interests you and making sure that it matches the color, size, and texture with all the other tiles and items of your home. This design has become quite a staple in modern homes, and you should try it if you are interested.


Having an elegant design to your TV wall in your living room is becoming more of a practice than an anomaly. Earlier, having a peculiar design was considered something of an acquired taste possessed by some high-art society. Times are changing, and now everyone likes to have their living much more stylish than it used to. Style isn’t that costly either, because most of these designs have pretty affordable rates.

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